Battery Charger - MLBC14-6A

Battery Charger - MLBC14-6A

With motorsport heritage and a complete network of high quality partners, MegaLiFe Battery Australia stocks the complete range of this BuddyClub produced line of LiFePO4 batteries. Check out our range and get your hands on the latest today!


MegaLiFe Battery has led the Industry, with multiple patented designs that had reached“5S”to perfect quality realm!


Safety !

Multiple protection : Overcharge voltage, over discharge current, over-temperature (over heat) protection.
Short circuit protection : Prevent from electrical wire burning, to ensure for safe driving.
Guarantee commitments : Water proof, shock proof, three years warranty from manufacturing date.


Save Energy !

High electrical discharge rate : Improve flashover voltage spark plug, fuel-efficient in gasoline engine, high engine power.
High energy conversion : fast in charging speed, reduce engine load.
Increase Output Power : Significant improvement in air-conditioning, lighting and car audio performance.


Smart !

Intelligent type IC circuit : Automatically adapt and determine the movement of the vehicle, like starting engine etc...and to comply with the vehicle electrical energy demand. Providing stable output current and extended electrical alliances life.
Exception warning function : vehicle generator fault alarm mechanism in order to avoid trouble while driving. Automated low battery drain cut-off with a secondary reserve battery pack for emergency startup.



Standby Power Design : Spared, isolated capacity for jump starting for drained out situation like head lamps forgot-to-shut.  
Design for maintenance : with communication interface and its simplicity in structure, quick in repairing time.
Foolproof Design : no need to do the maintenance (maintenance free), suitable for lead-acid battery charger and comply with harsh environmental demands.
Wide range applicable : Modularized terminal allow an easy switch to comply with different specification of cars.



Green products : Non-toxic. non-pollution, comply with RoHS environmental standards.